Dwelling in Possibilities

Dwelling in Possibilities

Dwelling in Possibilities

Can you remember a time in your life when you just knew it was right? Take a minute; we can feel frustrated if it doesn’t immediately come to mind, but that’s not how it always works. Lean back, release your shoulders and your jaw. If you can, put your feet firmly on the ground. Take a breath through your nose, let that breath travel to every part of your body, then exhale it slowly when you’re ready. Repeat if you have to. Have you thought of it? 

Dwelling in Possibilities

How did it feel in your body?  Let me help you get there again. Think about a time in your life when you felt safe. When you felt like everything was good, and everything was right. When you felt like the whole world could have just stood still. 

Where in your body did you feel that? Did the hair on your arm raise? Was it a tingling sensation that began in your abdomen? Was it a flush of warmth across your face? 

The feeling of freedom

That feeling, however you felt it – and there are as many different ways to feel it as there are people on the earth, is a true feeling of freedom. That true feeling of freedom is you dwelling in possibilities. 

We’re in the beginning of a new month, of a new year and all around us, the messaging says we need to plan our entire year right now. But for a lot of us, that just isn’t how it works. We shouldn’t be forced into planning  and then forced into the steps that uninspired planning led to.  Resolutions are broken and so too does our spirit. But what if we didn’t set ourselves up to fail. What if instead, we set ourselves up for possibilities? 

Survival Doesn't Leave room for anything else

Think about what has just happened in the last few days or weeks. We’ve had Christmas and New Year and all the expectations that brings. Maybe you hosted some events, which led to more work, and less time for you. A familiar joke is that “we’ve survived the holidays.”

Maybe it’s not a joke, In fact, I know it’s not a joke. We’ve done more than survived the holidays. We survived an entire year. A year that was fraught with difficulties, challenges, heartbreak, and stress. And here’s the thing about survival: survival doesn’t leave room for dwelling in possibility. 

Dwelling in possibility can only happen when we stop the noise. When we give ourselves space to dwell in possibility. We can’t do that when we’re running from one thing to another. We can’t do that because at the end of the day, we just want to crash on the couch. We don’t want to do homework. 

Stop the Noise

When’s the last time you were able to stop the noise? What is the noise that you have to stop? The demands of work, children, and your partner; not to mention what the patriarchy has shaped us to believe: be slimmer, fitter, smarter, cleaner and so much more that threatens our peace. When you last stopped the noise, what is it you did? What did you practice? 

Dwelling in possibility cannot be just one more thing on your checklist to accomplish. We need to tap into it naturally, but how do you do that? 

January is a natural time to dwell. It’s not for doing. In fact, January, February and March are times for dwelling. Instead of listening to the cacophony that tells us we need to set extravagant goals, go into your heart space. It’s okay if don’t know how to go into that space, because I’ll be sharing how to do that. 

What I love about heart space is that it allows me to truly see myself, and to recognize what I see. When we take the time to explore our heart space, then we can begin that first step into dwelling in possibilities and learning what freedom means. 

This January, I am having a book launch gathering. My book, Freedom Seeker: Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom, has been released and I am excited to share what reclaiming Feminine Wisdom has done in my life. If you’d like to join me on an unforgettable journey over barbed wire fences, through debilitating dependencies and dwell in the possibility of freedom, please follow the link for event information. 

This is going to be an ahh-mazing afternoon of friends, and deep conversations on healing, grieving, mental health, community and forgiveness. 

As we move further on into 2023, I will be talking more about dwelling in possibility and how you can do that. 



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