For women who want to Reclaim their Power, Purpose & Pleasure

Do you ever feel like there is more out there for you and you're not quite sure what that is? Imagine living your best life with ease, dancing to your own rhythm, joyfully connecting with others and not worrying about money.

Yvonne Winkler

Hi! I'm Yvonne! and I look forward to meeting you!

I work with women just like you who feel a deeper calling in the pit of their stomach. Who ache for clarity of purpose and meaning in their life. Women who are tired of the grind and want to experience more freedom and fulfillment in their life through the work they do. 

I believe you can have the life, the freedom and joy you crave. 

one on one

Private Coaching

My wish is for you is to rediscover your truth within and create a thriving life you love. My joy is in helping you navigate this often deeply oppressed “journey within”. Looking at things from heart centre, rather than the logical mind, I can help you discover what you truly want.

what people are saying


Yvonne’s passion to help you break through barriers that are holding you back is palpable. I never thought I’d find clarity, as I have with her program, to catapult my business ideas and turn them into reality. 

Kasia Richard