A year Of Planning With Harmony!

Plan With Harmony
Plan With Harmony
Plan With Harmony

A harmonized plan for busy career women looking to create more freedom without burning out.

The YL Harmony Planner is designed to harmonize structure and flow, personal and business, feminine and masculine. 

Use the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and moon pages to create a life you love.  

  • Create Time Freedom
  • Harmonize Structure with Flow
  • Prioritize You

Imagine getting better sleep on a consistent basis. Not barking at your kids, spouse or colleagues. Enjoying time with friends, laughing so hard your abs hurt. Getting your nutrition on track and stopping the weight yo-yoing. Imagine doing creative projects, taking a dance class or soaking up the sun. That’s what integrating harmony can do for you.  

A Year of Harmony Planning includes:

This thoughtfully designed planner makes space for all the hats you wear!  As part of your VIP gift, we’re adding a separate Business Package. It includes a quarterly breakdown for your business, network tracking revenue generating mapping and social media planner. 

Create the life you love by planning to the rhythm of your season. We help you reverse engineer your  intentions into reality and show you how to break big audacious goals into micro steps that you schedule into your weekly, monthly and quarterly calendar.