Could you confidently make over 90 decisions within 48 hours of your loved one passing?

Do you know what your parents want to happen with a lifetime collection of memories and belongings? Could you confidently make over 90 decisions within 48 hours of your loved one passing?

Just thinking about my mom or dad not being with me anymore  brings up tremendous pain and a massive lump in my throat. Years ago, I urged my husband to sit down with the lawyer to get our affairs in order so that I don’t have to make the difficult decisions amidst my grief. 

In this episode of The Freedom Seeker Show – unfiltered conversations that matter to women – I sat down with Lisa Blough and tackled the most challenging conversation most of us will have to face. Getting our affairs in order for the sake of the people we leave behind, families and grief, avoiding guilty decisions and unexpected costs.

When Lisa’s grandfather passed away, she stepped in to help her grandma sort through a lifetime of belongings and downsizing 69 years of memories, family photos and essential paperwork. 

Seeing the freedom and relief her grandma experienced by helping her decide what pieces stay and how to move forward with no regrets, Lisa launched Hotmess Organizing, guiding families through life-altering transitions like moving, divorce and saying goodbye in meaningful ways. 

Over the years, Lisa realized the enormous role our loved ones play as we age. From her latest blog post The Binder: A Legacy Planning System, Lisa shares:

They are the ones to organize our affairs and make important decisions for us. This is usually not straight forward and can end up in many disagreements. The Binder is my last act of taking care of my children. It's the place where all my wishes and important documents live.

Lisa Blough

When Lisa first joined my Lotus Emerging Entrepreneur Program, her story and the vision she holds for family and community and the legacy she wants to leave, enthralled me. I’m so incredibly honored to have Lisa as a business collaborator, co-creator and friend.



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Could you confidently make over 90 decisions within 48 hours of your loved one passing?

Interview with Lisa Blough from Hotmess Organizing

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2 thoughts on “Could you confidently make over 90 decisions within 48 hours of your loved one passing?”

  1. Love the show and love the conversation. By listening to Lisa, I am just realizing how important this tool/ binder is. We can’t think of every little detail but with the conversation in your family and the help from Lisa, who has gone through this already this will make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone. Thank you both.

  2. We are in the process of setting our affairs-life celebration wishes in order. Even though I am very comfortable with this conversation I have procrastinated for years. My mother died 8 yrs ago and I was the executor of her estate, actually it was more about settling all her debt – her estate was insolvent, luckily she has a binder of sorts that had some of her last wishes, still the final tombstone and funeral home expenses left us scrambling to give her the life celebration we all wanted her for her and her wishes as we understood them. Thank you Lisa and Yvonne for the information and for bringing this back to the surface. I am planning on setting up a conversation with Lisa.

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