reflect so you can start fresh

A guided experience to discover and clarify your core values, paving the way for intentional choices and meaningful life goals.

Fulfillment isn’t about external achievements; it’s about that internal resonance.  Pause to consider your values, not as mere concepts but as the guiding stars of your existence. Before setting your goals, delve into how you want to feel, where your soul finds its deepest fulfillment. Let the energy of this season be your guiding light, illuminating your introspection. This process isn’t just planting seeds of intention; it’s crafting a detailed map within your soul, one that nurtures your dreams in the quietude of winter, promising a vibrant bloom come spring.

Align & Thrive is a Core Value Discovery Series to align your life choices, actions and goals with your authentic self.

This series is a pathway to understanding what truly matters to you and integrating these values into every aspect of your life.

what you'll experience

  • Holistic Exploration

    Dive deep into your values, understanding what truly lights you up and is essential to your life.

  • Practice Application

    Learn how to integrate these values into your everyday life, ensuring your choices align with your core beliefs and aspirations.

  • Community Support

    Engage with a supportive community, gaining insights, and sharing experiences for enhanced learning.

  • Ongoing Guidance

    Beyond the workshop, enjoy continuous support, ensuring your journey toward aligning with your values is nurtured and sustained.

Align & Thrive is a prequel program to the YL Harmony Spring Planting Retreat for soulful goal-setting (Feb 9 + 10, 2024).

Why Choose This Online Series

Heart Centered Approach

We don’t just identify core values; we delve deep into the integration of these values into everyday life, encompassing personal, professional, and relational aspects.

Tailored for Women

This workshop is uniquely designed to address challenges and opportunities specifically relevant to women, making it relatable and empowering. 

Empathetic Coaching

My coaching style is empathetic and understanding, creating a safe space for participants to explore their values.

Feminine Wisdom Integration

We integrate elements of feminine wisdom, offering a unique perspective that resonates with you.

Practice Tools

Participants receive practical tools and strategies to align their lives with their core values effectively. It’s not theoretical; it’s actionable, providing tangible methods for real-life transformation.